When a user requests an activation key, you should ALWAYS make sure they do not already have an existing account. 

Note: A user may show as not having an existing active account but could instead have a disabled account. More on this below. 

Path: Census > People > Demographics tab

Scroll down to the ‘Person Identifiers’ section and any active user account(s) should be listed next to “Portal Username.” 

If this field indicates that the parent has “No Active Portal Account,” then proceed to doing a user search using the parent’s name:

  • Click on Search, select ‘User’ from the dropdown list, and enter the first three letters of the user’s last name, a comma, and the first three letters of their first name

    • Ex: Searching for Timothy Fisher’s account:

  • If there are no matches, then it is safe to assume that the user does not have an existing account

    • At this point, you can share their “activation key” which is located under the ‘Person Identifiers’ section in the Census > Demographics tab. 

    • This code is called “Person GUID” and is a combination of numbers, letters, and dashes

  • If you get matches and the username appears as red, the user’s account is disabled. If you are certain that the account belongs to the user requesting access, you can re-enable their account by unchecking the “Disabled” box and clicking ‘Save’

    • Once this is done, press ‘Go.’ The username should now be black, indicating the account is now active. 

    • At this point, you can help the user access their account by resetting their password in the case that they do not remember it.