If you’re having trouble with adding a copier to your PC, please try the recommended solution below.

Step 1: Use Mobility Program

Open your web browser (i.e. Chrome) and enter your building’s server address:


High School - Magee Middle School - Welcome Center - ESC/Transition - OSC

Murphy Elementary

Round Lake Middle School - Indian Hill Elementary

Village Elementary

Beach Elementary

EEC - ASC    

Ellis Elementary



High School Color Printer

Round Lake Middle School Color Printer

Step 2: Download “Mobility”

Click “Download” → Open Downloaded File → Double click “Paper Cut Mobility Print Client.pkg” → Click “Install” → Enter your district credentials → Click “Install Software”

Step 3: Follow the Install Prompts

Click “Continue” → “Continue” → “Agree” → enter credentials again → Click “Install Software” → Click “Close

Move Installer to Trash”

Step 4: Ensure Copiers are Installed

For PC: Click “Start” → “Settings” → “Devices” → “Printers & Scanners”

Check if the appropriate printers are present.

For Mac: Go to “System Preferences” → “Printers & Scanners”--> click “Padlock”

to prevent accidental deletion

For a video of how this process looks on a Mac, scan or click the QR Code

Did It Work? 

If it worked, you are all set and ready to print. If further assistance is required, go ahead and open a ticket. Our IT team will respond for further resolution.