Get Started with DUO for the First Time

Open Chrome and go to and enter your district email and password. 

When attempting to log in for the first time you will see a window like the one below. If you get to the end of this walkthrough and still have questions, please refer to this video.

Click on “Start Set up” and you will be taken to another window to select the type of device you want to enroll. We suggest using your personal phone. (There are good reasons for this. Please see the Solution titled "Why Use DUO?" for more information. After that, follow the instructions given in each window (see the image below).

When you have finished enrolling your Duo MFA device, upon signing into your email you will get a Duo MFA prompt to verify this is you signing in.  Make sure to select Approve only if you are signing in.  If your credentials are compromised someone may attempt to sign in to your account and it will prompt you to Approve or Deny - If you did not sign in, select Deny and notify IT with a Fixit.


If you have trouble with the first-time setup for DUO, enter a Fixit. If you are a new employee, and have never logged in, email Please note, this email is for new hires only. If you are an existing employee, you should have access to Fixit by signing in with your Google credentials.