Preferred Networks

Preferred networks are important. They help streamline the flow of data on our network. If you're not sure which network you should be connecting to, here is a brief list of available networks and what they're intended for:

STAFF-D116  is designed for any and all staff devices (including personal devices).

STU-116  is designed for student devices. We have special profiles to push this out to iPads.

staff116  DEPRICATED!  This is the old network for staff devices.

rlas116  DEPRICATED!  This is the old network for student devices.

RLAS Guest  is the network that visitors to our school district use to connect to the internet.

RLAS-iPad-Enrollment  is a special network that the IT Department and Librarians use to set up iPads.

Remove a saved network from your device

Note: This is helpful if your device is automatically connecting to an unideal network

Go to System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced...

Select the Network Name you want to remove.

Click the "-" button and then OK.