PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Score Copier 

Tool Explanation

The Score Copier allows teachers to receive scores for students who have transferred into one of their sections. Assignment scores that the student received in the previous section can be copied to unscored assignments in the new section.

NOTE: Teachers can also generate the Student Summary report for the student's previous section to review assignments and scores.

Which Student's Display in the Score Copier?

Students who have been added to the section currently selected in the Grade Book are displayed. Additionally, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • You teach the student in both the current section and another section. For example, the student moved English 10 to AP English, as in Andy's Example.
  • The current section and the student's other section have the same Course Name or Course Number. For example, a student moved from another teacher's 2nd-period Geography class into your 3rd period Geography class.

Video Guide

Below is a tutorial on using the Score Copier tool.