If you are visiting this Solutions Page, you have likely already heard from the IT Department regarding a managed Apple ID. The following documentation should help to answer the questions you have about how to set it up.

The email sent will be from this email address (Apple School Manager <no-reply@apple.com), it will contain your Managed Apple ID and a temporary password. These will need to be entered on your district provided iPad. A Managed Apple ID does not allow for downloading Apps or iBooks, for this reason please follow these instructions carefully. The Managed Apple ID only needs to be used to sign in to your iCloud account on your iPad and not your Media & Purchases. For the latter you will continue to use whichever account you have been using up until now.


Once you have received the email and have time, make sure to sign out of the iPad and follow these instructions:


  1. On the iPad go to: Settings > Apple ID > Sign Out > iCloud.
  2. Sign into iCloud with your Managed Apple ID.
  3. Enter the temporary password provided to you in the email referenced earlier in this article.
  4. You may be prompted to enter an address. You can use the school's address. You don't need to add your own.
  5. You may also be prompted to enter a payment type. You can choose "none" for this option.
  6. It will prompt you for a phone number to verify your identity.
  7. Enter your cellphone number.
  8. You will receive a 6-digit code via text.
  9. Once the code is entered another screen will appear to create a new password.
  10. Please follow these guidelines for the password: 8 minimum characters, uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character (@#$%)


With this Managed Apple ID you will only notice some slight changes such as iCloud storage bumped up to 200GB. We are working towards integrating more features available with these Managed Apple IDs in the future, but for now we are simply laying the foundation. For those not too familiar with Managed Apple IDs here is a PDF from Apple that touches on the subject, please remember that not all the items listed are currently available for our district.


Here is some additional information about what your Managed Apple ID is and what it means to have one: