Rival5 Mobile App Setup

First, install the application on your Android or iOS device. On either the Google Play Store or the iOS App

Store, search for ‘Vodia Phone’ and download the application with the following icon:

After installing the app on your device, navigate to the Rival5 portal on your computer (https://rlas116.rival5.net/) and sign in with your Google Account.

Once you're logged into the portal, click the profile icon in the top right corner of the window with your extension and choose ‘QR Code’. This will open a new window with a QR code that you will scan with the Vodia PBX app on your Android or iOS device. On first use of the app, be sure to give camera permissions to the app so that it can scan this QR code and register the extension to your app.

That’s all there is to it! The mobile app will function exactly the same as your physical desk phone. With the app you can take, place, and even transfer calls with ease wherever you are.