Note: Trend Micro is licensed software paid for by the Round Lake Area School District. If you do not have Trend Micro installed on your computer, please contact the IT department to have a technician install the software. Every Windows district-issued device should have this software installed. Trend Micro performs regular scans. This is not something that you need to do unless you suspect that you have come into contact with malicious software.

To run a virus/malware scan on your computer using Trend Micro, follow the steps below:

1.    Locate the Trend Micro icon in the System Tray


2.    Right-click on the Trend Micro icon and select Scan Now or Open Security Agent Console and then click Scan from the console window. The Manual Scan - Security Agent window should open. Check the box next to any items that you want to scan and then click Scan at the bottom of the page.

3.    Trend Micro will scan the selected drives and quarantine and remove any threats that it finds. This process can take between several minutes to over an hour. Allow it to finish before closing the Trend Micro windows. You may do other work while the process finishes.

4.    After the scan is completed you will see a results page. The scan is finished.

Scan Complete: Close the window and reboot your computer. Sometimes Trend Micro will let you know that the computer should be restarted in order to finish removing a threat. It's good practice to restart after any virus/malware removal. Please make sure you do this as soon as you are able to. Verify that Trend Micro was able to remove the threat(s) and contact the IT department if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

Threat Still Present: If there were any problems removing a threat, you should notify the IT department so that they can be corrected. 

False Positives: Sometimes enpoint protection software will view a policy or file as malicious and it isn't. If there are any questionable things that continually pop up in your scans, let the IT department know. It's possible it's not an actual virus and just needs to be whitelisted on the management console. A technician can do this for you.