If you’re having trouble with your windows device not working properly, you may need to update some drivers. This may help get your computer back in working order. Guided instructions for updating your drivers can be found below.

Step 1: Download HP Image Assistant

  • Download HP Image Assistant from THIS LINK.

  • You’ll see a download popup at the bottom of your browser’s screen

  • Click on the downloaded file (can also be located in the Download folder).

Step 2: Install the HP Image Assistant

  • Run through the installer, following the prompts as you go

  • The HP Image Assistant  window should open up. When it does, click the blue Analyze button and allow the program to scan your device.

  • Several Tabs should appear in the HP Image Assistant Window.

  • Click on “Recommendations.”

Step 3: Download the Drivers

  • Just above those tabs, over near the right side, you should see 2 options: Component View and SoftPaq View. Choose Component View.

  • Tick the box next to Drivers all items should be listed underneath and be checked as well.

  • Click the blue Download button. Another window should open up.

Step 4: Extracting and Installing the Drivers

  • Under the Operation section, choose Download SoftPaq(s)extract files, and install then click the blue Start button.

  • Your drivers will download and install automatically.

  • After it's finished, close out HP Image Assistant and restart your device.

Note: This procedure is for HP computers only. It will not work on devices from other manufacturers.

This solution was updated on 9/14/21

Did It Work? 

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