Find and Add a New Member Entered in Infinite Campus to add to the Household

  1. Select the Find New Member icon from the action bar. A Person Search screen will appear.
  2. Enter the Last Name of the individual who should be added to this household. Only the Last Name field is required; add additional information for a more focused search.
  3. Click the Search button. Matching Search results will appear in the box to the right.
  4. Verify the correct person has been returned by selecting the Details link in the search results. This will display the Person Summary Report.
  5. Select the appropriate person from the search results to add to the household by clicking on their name.
  6. Enter a Start Date for the person.
  7. If appropriate, enter an End Date for the person.
  8. If this is a secondary household for that member, mark the Secondary checkbox.
  9. If information about this individual should remain private to school officials only, mark the Private checkbox, which indicates the information should be kept within school settings. Marking this checkbox does not remove data from reports. 
  10. Click the Save icon when finished.