Standards Bank

PATH: Grading and Standards > Standards Bank

A Standards Bank is used to create and organize state, district, and local standards and provides an organizational structure for all standards in the district. The bank is made up of groups, which are organization units, and standards, which represent abilities and skills assessed by teachers or others to determine student proficiency. Groups are not scored; standards appear in teachers' grading tools and can be aligned to assignments and then scored.

Campus recommends the following:

  • Organize standards by subject area, or by grade level and then subject area.
  • Limit organization structure to Parent Groups, Child Groups within them, and Standards within the Child Groups for clarity of reporting in students' report cards. 

Navigating the Standards Bank

The standards bank list all standards for the district, sorted into groups. Search within the tree or Filter the list by School or by Setting.

  • Groups and standards that meet the entered search criteria display in bold, with parents and related items shown in gray.
  • The School list includes standards aligned in the School Standards tab.
  • The Setting list filters standards based on whether they are included in the Portal or not, or whether they are included on a report card or not.
  • By default, Archived standards are not shown in this list. Click the Show Archived toggle to include archived standards and groups.