High Contrast Mode 

This setting can be turned on or off through a set of key strokes that can be activated within the NWEA App. This can be frustrating because there is no obvious settings menu available to turn it back off. In order to toggle this setting on or off, follow the instructions below.

Turn High Contrast Mode On/Off:

  1. Log into NWEA by clicking on the Apps menu in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose NWEA and wait for the application to load.
  3. Once it has started, press Search + ctrl + h to toggle High Contrast Mode on or off.
If you are seeing High Contrast mode outside of the NWEA environment, you can log in to the user account that's exhibiting this problem and simply perform step 3. 

High Contrast Mode, and other options, can also be accessed through the Accessibility settings within the main menu in the lower right corner of your screen after you've logged in.