Best Login Methods and Practices

If you see the message "You are not authorized to use this device. Please contact the administrator for sign-in permission," follow these instructions to sign in. These are the best practices for signing into a chromebook and will help you and your students avoid problems in the future.

Sign in with a Clever badge

  1. This method is mostly used at the Elementary level and is very straight forward.
  2. Click the Next button after initial startup.
  3. Click Log in with Clever Badges and scan the clever badge using the built-in camera.
IMPORTANT: If you are NOT using Clever to log in, back out of this screen and follow the instructions below.

Sign in with a Google account

  1. If you want to sign in using your Google credentials instead, do not click the "Next" button. (Clicking Next filters the login information through Clever's servers which can cause strange errors like the example at the top of this page.)
  2. Instead, Click Sign in with a different account in blue letters to the left of the Next button.
  3. From there you can enter an email address and password. (Loging in using this method bypasses Clever altogether.)
Note: You may notice that the end of an email address is already provided in the Enter your email field. If you need "@stu." added or removed, simply keep typing the email address to replace whatever comes after the @ in your email address.