Clear Browsing Data for Windows 10 and Chrome OS

You can use this method on any Windows or Chrome OS device to clear your browsing data. Please note that students will be unable to clear certain fields using this method because of restrictions put in place by your Google Administrator.


If you sync data on your devices, like history or passwords, deleting it on your computer will delete it everywhere it's synced. It'll be removed from other devices and your Google Account.

Clear Browsing Data Instructions

  1. On your computer, open Chrome. On a chromebook, open a browser window.
  2. At the top right, click the menu button shown as 3 vertical dotsMore. (It may also be shown as an orange exclamation point if your browser requires updates.)
  3. Click More tools > Clear browsing data.
  4. Choose a time range, like Last hour or All time. If you are trying to fix problems with a specific website failing to load or other issues that extend beyond simply reloading the web page, we recommend you choose All time. This ensures that any corrupt files or failing cookies are removed.
  5. Select the types of information you want to remove. Again, we recommend selecting all available options. This maximizes the likelihood of clearing the data that is causing your problem.
  6. Click Clear data.

Note: If you delete cookies and have sync turned on, Chrome keeps you signed into your Google Account. Your cookies will be removed from other devices and your Google Account.