THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. If your school's printer/copier is not listed here, please see your building's IT Technician.

Copy the desired copier name from the list below (each line is the path for a specific printer/copier) then open the start menu and paste it into the search box. Doing so will display a file path to the printer you chose. Click on the path or hit enter and it will automatically connect you to the printer you're looking for.

Note: Make sure you copy the entire line. If there is character missing or out of place, you will not see the printer/copier's file path when you paste it into the search box.

Administrative Service Center

  • \\eec-fil1\ASC-KM-SECURE

Beach Elementary 

  • \\bes-fil1\BES-KM-SECURE

Early Education Center

  • \\eec-fil1\EEC-HPE-SECURE

Educational Service Center
  • \\mms-fil1\ESC-KM-SECURE

Ellis Elementary School:

  • \\ees-fil1\EES-KM-SECURE
  • \\ees-fil1\EES-HPE-SECURE

Indian Hill Elementary School:

  • \\ies-fil1\IES-KM-SECURE

Magee Middle School:

  • \\mms-fil1\MMS-KM-SECURE
  • \\mms-fil1\MMS-HPE-SECURE

Murphy Elementary School:

  • \\mes-fil1\MES-KM-SECURE
  • \\mes-fil1\MES-HPE-SECURE

Pleviak Elementary School:

  • \\pes-fil1\PES-KM-SECURE
  • \\pes-fil1\PES-HPE-SECURE

Round Lake High School:

  • \\mms-fil1\RHS-KM-SECURE
  • \\mms-fil1\RHS-HPE-SECURE

Round Lake Middle School:

  • \\ies-fil1\RMS-KM-SECURE
  • \\ies-fil1\RMS-HPE-SECURE

Transition Center:

  • \\mms-fil1\ESC-HPE-SECURE

Village Elementary School:

  • \\ves-fil1\VES-KM-SECURE